It has been a pain watching cows eating the garbage in cities and left uncared for. To take some action atleast to protect a few cows and give them the respect they deserve, Sree Ramanuja Goshala and Dairy Farm has been founded by Dr.Sreeram Jaganathan and Smt.Anusha Sreeram in January 2021. The Goshala is located in a village by name Arasaanipaalai, located about 80 kms from Chennai.


Malola alias Narasimha was born on Swati Nakshatra Sunday, July 18 2021

It is 3 kms off the Uthiramerur Kanchipuram link road from Magaral village. There are 6 cows and 6 calves as of now that mostly belong to the desi breed found in and around chengalpet district. The cows are taken for grazing in the farm owned by the family and they are fed with hay, fresh grass, oil-cake and other cattle feed. They are given a bath every week and enough care is taken for their well-being. A full-time worker has been employed who milks them and takes care of them. For now, the milk is taken for home consumption and the excess is sold to a co-operative society and the revenue is ploughed back to buy cow-feed.

Plans are underway to prepare ghee, butter, natural manure with cow dung and urine, dry dung pieces (varaatti) that will be available for sale soon.

A short video onthe goshala can be found at https://youtu.be/o-9itR7KnSY

For any queries regarding visit/to buy any products and donations please contact Dr.Sreeram Jaganathan @ +91-99400-86253 / assjsreeram@gmail.com. Please do watch the gallery below.